These days it feels like everyone is on a tight budget. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all of the luxuries you work so hard for. We are all learning how to tighten up those purse straps, hold onto our wallets and be smarter consumers. Like many New Englanders, having a beautiful lawn year after year is something I don’t want to lose. So I have put together some tips to help you get the lawn you desire without having it break the bank.

1) Hire the Right Professionals
The cheapest rate is not usually a sign of a good deal when it comes to landscaping. If it takes your $10 an hour landscaper 10 hours to mow your lawn you spent 100 dollars. A high quality landscaper might care for your lawn in less than 3 hours at 20 bucks an hour that’s almost half the cost. I am just throwing out hypothetical numbers, but I think you get my point. Additionally, the quality of the job might also be better, so you may end up saving money because it will take significantly less time and the quality will be better, regardless of the fact that you paid more per hour. When it comes to property maintenance and landscaping, quality is the way to go because a good job requires less work down the road, whereas inexperienced work will likely cost more long term because the job requires more frequent revisiting due to lack of expertise.

2) Research
Hiring the right professionals is important, but they do not know everything about your home or business. It is important that you know what you need out of your property maintenance team before you send them into the trenches. Having a good grasp on what you want accomplished, such as what areas need mulching will help save the team time. If they have to spend an extra hour figuring out what to do, that’s money out of your pocket wasted.

3) Be Realistic
Having unrealistic expectations can leave your team frustrated and lacking in productivity. Set realistic goals for the property maintenance team you have hired. When they meet these goals they will be happy with you as a client and will be motivated to keep working with you.

4) Have Faith in the Company You Hired
Doing proper research is one thing, but at the end of the day your landscaper is the expert and their experience gives them insight that you won’t have. You never want too many chefs in the kitchen. You want this project to get done properly, efficiently and within your budget. So don’t forget, you hired a professional for a reason. Help plan everything out and then hand it off to the professionals. The right professional will ask you for input on the property maintenance when they need it. Throwing in your two cents every 20 minutes will only add to the time the project will take, costing you more money.

5) Budget Appropriately
Make sure you budget for the entire year. Property maintenance is year-long process especially when living in New England. Each season is going to require different services. Spring may require mulching and prep for the plants and lawn that will be in full force in the summer. Summer will require extensive lawn care and plant maintenance. Fall cleanup will require pruning and the entire necessary dead plant cleanup. Winter costs will depend on the level of snow and ice, prepare for the worst—best case scenario you will save money.